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SYS-CON Events announced today that the leading global SOA, Virtualization, Cloud Computing and Open Source technology provider Intel named "Gold Sponsor" of SYS-CON's SOA World Conference & Expo which will take place November 19-21, 2008, at the Fairmont Hotel in the heart of Silicon Valley, in San Jose, California. Intel SOA Products division is part of Intel's Software and Solutions Group, a worldwide Intel organization with a strategic focus on enabling technologies. The SOA Products division delivers innovative platform technologies that are optimized for speed and performance through Intel's multi-core processors and servers. Learn more:   Intel SOA Expressway is a software-appliance designed to simplify, accelerate, and secure the Enterprise SOA architecture. It expedites SOA deployments by addressing common SOA bottlene... (more)

Mad Hatter to Sip China Tea out of China Cup

That hole Alice nipped down after the White Rabbit before tying up with the Mad Hatter has come out in China - just like our parents used to tell us it would if we kept on digging in the garden when we were kids. Just imagine Sun Microsystems as Alice. In an announcement overshadowed Monday by Sun’s new Opteron alliance with AMD that Sun claims - well, some at Sun anyway - could be a lot more far-reaching than the AMD deal, Sun said that the Chinese were going to make Sun’s newfangled Linux-based Java Desktop System, otherwise known as Project Mad Hatter, the foundation of the Chinese desktop standard. Well, now, every time people start talking like this these days we get this mental picture of a bunch of ancient Chinese elders with their wispy beards and black silk robes gossiping and nodding off over their bowls of tea. Lotta talk, no action. Linux and the open sour... (more)

Red Hat to Deploy "NX" vs Viruses

Transmeta, Intel, and AMD have already started supporting "No eXecute" (NX) technology in their next core revisions, and now comes an announcement from Red Hat that it will be adding NX support to Linux. Specifically, Red Hat has just announced the availability of the following kernel patch, which makes use of the "NX" x86 feature pioneered in AMD64 CPUs. Windows support for NX has also been announced by Microsoft, for their next service pack. The NX feature is also being marketed as "Enhanced Virus Protection" and this patch, says Red Hat, makes sure Linux has full support for this hardware feature on x86 too. Red Hat engineer Ingo Molnar explains: What does this patch do? The pagetable format of current x86 CPUs does not have an "execute'" bit. This means that even if an application maps a memory area without PROT_EXEC, the CPU will still allow code to be executed i... (more)

FSMLabs Enables Real-Time Carrier Grade Applications On AMD Opteron Processor-Based ATCA

FSMLabs released carrier grade real-time operating system support for the new ATCA telecommunications reference design from AMD. FSMLabs’ RTLinux for the AMD Opteron processor-based 64-bit Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (AdvancedTCA) platform from Pinnacle Data Systems (PDSi) is suited to emerging convergence applications where data plane and management functions need to be tightly coordinated. FSMLabs’ Carrier Grade RTLinux product line provides telecom OEMs hard real-time responsiveness, FSMLabs’ first-to-market OSDL CGL 3.2 carrier grade Linux, and support for virtualization of enterprise-class compute loads. Carrier Grade RTLinux and the AMD Opteron processor-based ATCA blade offer a high-availability platform for converged voice/data applications including VoIP, IPTV and phone network management. Convergence capitalizes on the perfor... (more)

Toshiba, Intel Loyalist, To Use AMD Chips

Toshiba, one of the die-hard Intel faithful, is going to use AMD chips in a reported 20% of the products it ships to the US and Europe, apparently beginning with three entry-level Satellite notebooks based the Turion 64 X2 dual-core mobile processor and AMD M690 chipset. They should hit market in time for back-to-school sales. Toshiba, one of the top four laptop suppliers, hasn't used AMD chips in its PCs since 2001, a fact that AMD attributes to the $25 million-$30 million in market development funds Intel pays Toshiba every quarter according to its antitrust suit against Intel. The Japanese press says Toshiba cut the deal to save 10% on the cost of parts. ... (more)

Multi-Core and Massively Parallel Processors

As software developers we have enjoyed a long trend of consistent performance improvement from processor technology. In fact, for the last 20 years processor performance has consistently doubled about every two years or so. What would happen in a world where these performance improvements suddenly slowed dramatically or even stopped? Could we continue to build bigger and heavier, feature-rich software? Would it be time to pack up our compilers and go home? The truth is, single threaded performance improvement is likely to see a significant slowdown over the next one to three years. In some cases, single-thread performance may even drop. The long and sustained climb will slow dramatically. We call the cause behind this trend the CLIP level. C - Clock frequency increases have hit a thermal wall L - Latency of processor-to-memory requests continues as a key performance... (more)

FTC Starts Formally Investigating Intel for Antitrust

The Federal Trade Commission has decided to formally investigate Intel for antitrust for pushing AMD to the wall with its sales incentives, an answer to a prayer AMD has been saying for years now. AMD supposedly only brought its mammoth private antitrust suit against Intel in a Delaware federal court in 2005 because no American regulators would investigate Intel. News of the FTC’s action broke on the heels of South Korea deciding to fine Intel $25.4 million (practically a rounding error) for abusing its dominant position and offering $37 million in rebates to Samsung and Trigem allegedly in exchange for freezing out AMD. Korean authorities said AMD couldn’t have competed even if its chips were free. Intel is expected to appeal but can’t do anything until it gets a copy of the final determination, which could take a while. Anyway, the FTC’s de... (more)

Virtualization & Clouds Top Strategic Technologies: Gartner

Gartner singled out virtualization is the top strategic technology for 2009 at its Symposium/ITxpo this week, restating what it said six months ago when it identified virtualization as the highest-impact trend changing infrastructure and operations through 2012. Cloud computing is second on Gartner’s list. Cloud computing has never been on the annual list before. Now it’s a platform for SaaS, infrastructure, content and business processes, reduces the barrier to entry, scales and lets business grow faster. Gartner thinks 80% of the Fortune 1000 will be using clouds in one way or another in the next three or four years. Virtualization was Gartner’s number five pick last year. It was moved to the top because it seems to be touching everything and, like clouds, is a recourse in times of economic downturn. It will transform how IT is managed, what is bought, how it is deploye... (more)

AMD Demonstrates Optimum Cloud Computing Platform

"Cloud computing environments require the performance and scalability to handle the heaviest user traffic peaks while balancing cost and power concerns," said Margaret Lewis, director, Commercial Software and Solutions, AMD, which is providing its Quad Core AMD Opteron processor for Windows Azure Compute Service, the cloud service operating system, as well as its selection as a key processor partner for cloud computing solutions by global web-based companies such as STRATO and DAUM Communications. Cloud Computing Environments (CCE) provide an opportunity for companies to increase capacity and capabilities without significantly increasing investments in software, personnel or infrastructure. The Quad-Core AMD Opteron processor with AMD Virtualization (AMD-V) technology and Direct Connect Architecture was selected because of its ability to deliver performance-per-wat... (more)

Is Hondo AMD’s John Wayne?

AMD is to going squeeze into what it calls the performance tablet market with a new low-power 40nm Z-60 APU for Windows 8 platforms that has a two-core CPU running at 1GHz. The chip, codenamed Hondo and really meant for notebooks or netbooks, has a thermal design envelop of 4.5W. It reckons it can deliver a 10mm widget that both creates and consumes content. Figure up to eight-hour battery life for web browsing and up to six hours for HP video playback. The 80-core Radeon graphics on the 275MHz GPU supports full HD 1080p resolution. AMD APU Specifications APU Model AMD RadeonTM Brand TDP CPU Cores Clock Speed AMD RadeonTM Cores USB Support L2 Cache Z-60 HD 6250 4.5W 2 1 GHz 80 3.0 1MB AMD's got apps for the tablet at its AppZone. It'll support the latest Windows 8 applications and user interfaces, as well as legacy Windows 7 apps. The tablets will hav... (more)

Facebook Moves to Crush Servers in a Group Hug

Um, something happened this week you ought to know about. Facebook blew up the traditional monolithic server - and lit charges under the entire $55 billion-a-year server industry. GigaOm was first to say it that way and it may turn out to be true so it bears repeating. Facebook, along with its user-leaning Open Compute contingent, is bent on redesigning servers to suit themselves using interchangeable, disaggregated, independently upgradeable parts. Ultimately it's supposed to free the customer from the tyranny of the vendor roadmap. To advance this crusade, Facebook released a Common Slot architecture specification for data center motherboards at the Open Compute Summit Wednesday. The thing is nicknamed "Group Hug" and it's supposed to produce boards that are completely vendor-neutral and last through multiple generations of processors from multiple vendors. Ha... (more)