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This week at LinuxWorld, Sun Microsystems previewed a number of products and roadmaps for Linux support of the Sun Java Enterprise System, Java Studio development tools, and new AMD Opteron processor-based x86 systems. The innovations previewed at LinuxWorld are focused on three key areas: 1) Next-generation desktop technologies including the next version of the Sun Java Desktop System, future management features for the Java Desktop System that allow full control over the desktop experience, Linux on ultra-thin Sun Ray client systems and a radical new 3-D, Java technology-based PC interface (code named "Project Looking Glass"). 2) Enterprise Software and Hardware: Sun will demonstrate the Sun Java Enterprise System at its LinuxWorld booth, January 21-23. The Java Enterprise System began shipping in December 2003 and will be available supporting the Linux OS later thi... (more)

Sun's Java Desktop System to Support AMD Athlon 64 Processor

(September 25, 2003) - Sun Microsystems has announced support of the Java Desktop System on the AMD Athlon 64 processor, leveraging the momentum of Sun's Java Desktop System and fulfilling customer demand for an alternative desktop. Sun will provide both 32- and 64-bit Java Desktop System support for the AMD Athlon 64 processor recently announced in San Francisco. Customers in areas such as manufacturing, call centers, and governments will benefit from the system's increased processing and memory power, and enhanced ability to process mixed and digital media as well as graphics-intensive computing. The Java Desktop System represents the first viable Windows alternative in 15 years, delivering a secure, familiar, affordable desktop solution to enterprise customers for a fraction of the price. The Java Desktop System includes a full desktop environment, a seamlessly int... (more)

Will Sun Unveil Bechtolsheim's Opteron Boxes?

Sun co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim, inventor of the workstation that originally catapulted Sun to the front racks and first backer of Google, is about to deliver a couple of the Opteron boxes that he was brought back to Sun to create. Bechtolsheim came back to Sun and reclaimed his old "employee number one" badge a year ago February after Sun bought Kealia, his latest start-up. He was made chief architecture of volume systems products and Sun CEO Scott McNealy went on about how Andy could built a Ferrari out of off-the-shelf parts. And this is what he may have done. A source reports that Sun is going to unveil 1U and 2U dual-core dual-Opteron servers in New York on September 12 that are faster than anybody else's Opteron servers. They are reportedly faster than other people's Opteron machines by virtue of a special made-to-order Opteron chip coupled with the mechani... (more)

Sun Brings Three AMD x64 Servers to Market

Sun Microsystems has introduced three x64 (x86, 64-bit) products: the world's first 16-way x64 server in a single 4U chassis; the world's first hybrid data server; and the world's first no-compromise blade platform. The three new x64 servers, powered by AMD Opteron processors with Direct Connect Architecture, reinforce Sun's x64 systems leadership and further extend the company's reach into the $25.3B addressable market opportunity for volume and midrange servers. Designed for handling the complexities of data center applications, high- performance computing (HPC), virtualization and web-tier applications, the new Sun Fire X4600 server, Sun Fire X4500 data server and Sun Blade 8000 modular system, in conjunction with the Solaris 10 Operating System (OS), are taking 64-bit computing "to a place where no company has gone before," Sun says. Benefits touted by the comp... (more)

Multi-Core Debugging and Performance Enhancement

Computer systems have fully entered the age of multi-core processing. This trend was examined in a white paper entitled, "Preparing for the Revolution, Maximizing Dual-Core Technology." While much of the focus had been on dual-core processors, Intel has now delivered quad-core processors and AMD has announced quad-core availability in 2007. Software developers who are just taking advantage of multiple processors also need to be looking ahead since even larger multi-core platforms will reach the market soon. This new technology puts additional pressures on complex applications. In essence, the push beyond dual-cores has made the choice of development tools a key factor for successful projects. When writing multi-core software, there are two important issues facing software developers. The first and most familiar is correctness of the program, i.e., does the program ... (more)

Intel To Copy Some More of AMD's Moves

There are times when it looks like AMD is running Intel's design department. This is definitely one of them. Intel disclosed Wednesday that it'll be following AMD down the path of squeezing its previously separate memory controller onto the processor die. Integrating the memory controller is supposed to reduce latency, and the performance boost helped AMD win market share from Intel. The change is set for Intel's 45nm, eight-core, multithreaded (like 16) Nehalem generation set to debut next year, which already represents a shift in microarchitecture. Intel claims it will be the "the biggest leap" in design since the Pentium Pro in 1996. Among other things it's supposed to abandon the often-criticized front-side bus in favor of some kind of interconnect widgetry like AMD's prized HyperTransport. Intel is also going to put graphics into some of the Nehalem chips like A... (more)

JavaOne - Intel is backing AMD technology. No, really, swear to God!

Now here's a curiosity. Intel is backing a start-up that depends on AMD technology to do what's it's doing. No, really, swear to God. In fact, Intel led the stealth outfit's $20 million B round last September, bringing total investment to $32.5 million. Either Intel has mothballed its jackboots and suddenly turned magnanimous or these boys can talk a June bug off a ripe fig, which may be why they call themselves 3Leaf Systems. 3Leaf, which just broke cover with a box called the V-8000, fancies itself challenging Egenera, according to CEO Bob Quinn. He calls 3Leaf "the Egenera of commodity products," and he's gonna have ex-Egenera people peddling the box. Savvis, Egenera's largest customer, has been a beta site. The V-8000, a stage one product, is a 2U virtual I/O server, which explains the "V" in its name and why 3Leaf is thinking Egenera, which wrote the book on vi... (more)

AMD Promises Memory Extender

AMD says it's developing DDR3-based Socket G3 Memory Extender (G3MX) technology planned for the next-generation Opteron platform in 2009 that will extend its total memory footprint and increase the performance of enterprise-class servers. How much it didn't venture to say but it's thinking virtualization and pervasive multi-cores. The widgetry is being developed with IC houses IDT and Inphi, which are planning to sell G3MX components and should allow the use of bigger memory capacities with standard DIMMs. ... (more)

Active Endpoints Named "Silver Sponsor" of SYS-CON's SOA World and Virtualization Conference & Expo

SYS-CON Events announced today that the leading global SOA technology provider Active Endpoints named "Silver Sponsor" of SYS-CON's upcoming SOA World Conference & Expo 2008 West, which will take place November 19-21, 2008, at the Fairmont Hotel in the heart of Silicon Valley, in San Jose, California. Active Endpoints ( is the inventor of visual orchestration systems. VOS empowers line of business project teams to create applications using services and industry standards, making their businesses more agile and effective. Active Endpoints’ ActiveVOS promotes mass adoption of SOA-enabled applications by focusing on accelerating project delivery time with a standards-based, easy to use system. ActiveVOS is the first standards-based development and deployment system that permits enterprises and developers to automate business processes, collaborate acr... (more)

Ex-AMD CEO, Like Top IBM Guy, Source of Insider Information: Reports

Hector Ruiz (pictured), then CEO of AMD, was the unidentified source of material information that the busted Galleon ring traded on, according to the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. He’s even higher up the totem pole than Robert Moffat, the head of IBM servers and storage who was arrested and charged on October 16 along with five other co-conspirators in what the government called the biggest case of insider trading involving a hedge fund in history. For days now the press corps has been leaning on their sources trying to prove the hypothesis that Ruiz was the uncharged AMD insider described by the government in its criminal and civil indictments as the executive who’s “been preaching this deal for so long,” meaning AMD’s spin-off of its fabs and frankly there weren’t too many of those – that’s where the hypothesis came from. The Wall Street Journal identified R... (more)

Sun Microsystems Brings Teleportation to VirtualBox

Virtualization on Ulitzer Some great news came out of Sun Microsystems this week with the release of VirtualBox 3.1.o. This is Sun’s virtualization platform, which has been at the core of many of Sun’s newest technologies. What is great about VirtualBox, aside from being a professional quality hypervisor based virtualization solution, is that it is open source. According to Sun, the newest major features added are: Teleportation (aka live migration); migrate a live VM session from one host to another (see the manual for more information) VM states can now be restored from arbitrary snapshots instead of only the last one, and new snapshots can be taken from other snapshots as well (”branched snapshots”; see the manual for more information) 2D video acceleration for Windows guests; use the host video hardware for overlay stretching and color conversion (see the manua... (more)